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Turntables for sale in Los Angeles

Brooks Berdan Ltd. stands by providing clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange County with quality sound systems, turntables, components and accessories. We help you select the perfect turntable based on your needs and style. Our precision turntables all come with the option to be serviced, installed and calibrated. When you buy from us, you are getting more than just a turntable or component. You will receive excellent sound quality at the most competitive prices on the market.

If you are interested in hearing before you buy, you have the option to visit our showroom. Here you can browse our selection and decide what’s right for you. If you are uncertain or don’t know in which direction to begin your search, we will help you.

Our staff is made up of knowledgeable, friendly and experienced people. Our top of the line turntables are the best in the music industry. We also carry high end headphones that filter out noise and give accurate playback.

To complement your turntables, we provide an excellent collection of vinyl record pressings and accessories. Everything we carry and offer is always high end and the latest on the market. We aim to provide high quality sound and service every time. Contact us today or visit our showroom to experience premium sound for yourself!



  • VPI Industries
  • Oracle Audio
  • Scheu Analog
  • Vertere Acoustics
  • Thorens
  • Mark Levinson
  • McIntosh
  • Project
  • Music Hall


  • Lyra
  • SoundSmith
  • Ortofon
  • Acoustical Systems
  • Scheu Analog
  • Grado
  • Dynovector

Accessories we carry:

  • TM-8 record cleaning fluid by Groovy Hi-Fi Solutions
  • Record cleaners
  • Record brushes
  • Stylus cleaner
  • Record sleeves
  • Furniture for storing records and gear
  • And more!
Thorens TD2015
VPI Prime Signature
Scheu Premier MK II - Black Base
Oracle Delphi MkVI
VPI Classic 4