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Audio Components in Los Angeles Gallery

Pictures and Images of the things that we love. We hope that you may see something interesting here or maybe just fascinating. If you see something here that you're interested in knowing more about, please send a message on the CONTACT US page.

As a Premier HiFi and Stereo Store in Southern California offering high-end audio equipment for three decades, Brooks Berdan Ltd. understands just how important sound quality is to you. We've been committed to providing audiophiles, with a selection of high-end speakers, amps, digital and analog premium hi-fi components. These are some images of cool stuff. We hope you like them too.

Oracle Delphi Mk6

Oracle Delphi Mk6. In production since 1979. Revisions and design updates have created a beautiful and beautifully sounding machine.

Inside Chord DAVE DAC top view

Chord DAVE DAC. You can see that the power supply is isolated and the heatsink on the FPGA chip.

Chord DAVE DAC exploited top view

Chord DAVE DAC. "Flawless and near perfect, with musicality and resolution like no other digital product I have experienced." Frank Iacone, Headphone Guru, April 2016

Audeze LCD-XC

Audeze LCD-XC, The closed back version of the very well regarded LCD-X.

Magico S3 MkII Speakers

Magico S3 MkII. Winner, The Absolute Sound's 2017 Golden ear Award. 

Audeze LCD-4

Audeze LCD-4. "If you’re looking for the one of only a very select pair of headphones at the apex of personal audio, look no further than the LCD-4." Peter Pialis, Headphone Guru

Chord and Jadis Amplifiers

Chord and Jadis Power Amplifiers, side by side in our sound room.

Jadis I-50

The Jadis I-50 Integrated amplifier is deserving of the fine praise it has received. Using KT-150 tubes, operating in pure class A and creating music that just doesn't get any more enjoyable on other equipment. 

Repair Bench

Our fully equipped repair department service bench. We service what we sell and we love to keep your vintage equipment up and running.

The House of Blues Sound Room

We want you to feel comfortable in our sound room while you listen to our equipment. This is a wide tall view of our House of Blues listening room.

Jadis I-35 under dust cover

Jadis I-35 integrated amplifier under a Ginko Dustcover. The Jadis 3D sign on the wall is a unique and rare sign from the company.

Phonograph Stylus Under Microscope

We use a high powered microscope to examine and analyze diamond stylus for wear. This is an overhead view of the stylus. Several views with different magnification and lighting are usually required to completely determine it's condition.

High Power Audio Picture

Classic picture from a famous commercial. A reminder of High Fidelity.

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